Brand Performance

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Match Facts

Founded: 2018
Employees: 20
Locations: 2
As big as necessary.
As experienced as possible.
As flexible as you like.
We work with all types of companies: from large multinational groups to small local enterprises.

Our Mission

As an agency, we focus on moving brands and people – with perfectly conceived, coordinated, and choreographed live communications. We believe in the power and sustainability of brand experiences that are strategically designed and professionally made.

Our minimum = the maximum

To us, brand performance means:

  • Brands become more visible and perceptible.
  • Brands reach their fullest potential.
  • Everything aligns with the umbrella brand strategy – and nothing counteracts it.


Our agency model combines the best of both worlds: thinking like a start-up, and acting like a big player. With 3 experienced leaders at the top. A powerful interdisciplinary team. And a strong network of freelance specialists.

What we do

• Strategic planning
• Event & content production
• Marketing
• Cooperations & sponsoring
• Brand activation & staging
• Digital & social media